Experience and reliability

Since 1984, we design and produce the best footwear in Mexico. Our experience and compromise have allowed us to sell over 1.5 million pairs of shoes.

Timeless, elegant and modern collections

Regina Calzada de Romero, our founder, defined our brand DNA since the beginning: she aimed to create elegant, modern, timeless designs. Our objective is for our clients to be able to wear your shoes during several seasons, no matter how trends may change or weather may vary. We want our clients to always feel actualized. Some of our past designs remain today in the closets of our clients, after 20 years.

Today, we combine the heritage and essence of the brand with the freshness of our new Creative Director, Montserrat Vega. Graduate from Istituto Marangoni Paris and mastered in accessory design by Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. She has also collected experiences in some of the biggest fashion houses like Christian Dior, Elie Saab, and Alexander Wang.

“What I propose is footwear for women that love both design and quality: A contemporary-timeless design, manufactured to meet European quality standards, but crafted by the thoroughness and passion of Mexican artisans. This combination has given life to our designs as luxury leather goods, with an impeccable quality and a timeless design at affordable prices.” - Regina Romero


Our designs, as well as the components that build our shoes (some imported from Spain and Italy) and our production process, are focused on achieving the maximum quality and comfort. We want your Regina Romero shoes to be the most comfortable shoes, the ones you can always count on.

We are constantly innovating and researching the latest concepts and material technology to improve comfort.

Long-lasting shoes 

One of our specialties, in addition to design and comfort, is quality. We pride in our quality, as much as we pride in our comfort and design. 

For us, quality begins in offering first-class materials, extending to our careful production process and standards. We step up to any international shoe brand up to 10 times more.

We know that much can be told from a woman by the shoes she is wearing, and we state that quality goes further than just a status symbol, it represents the taste and the attention the woman puts to wearing an extraordinary pair of shoes. 

Mixing the quality of the creation of our shoes, with the careful use of the client, our shoes can last for many years.

Mexican Excellence

We are proud of our country, and since 1973, the date we started creating shoes, up to the foundation of Regina Romero as a brand in 1984, we understood and proved that the Mexican hands can produce shoes with the same quality standards as Spain or Italy, leader countries of footwear production.

As long as the quality is not compromised, we use raw material made in Mexico and we are constantly requesting high-quality standards from our suppliers. We use national products to create our shoes, as long as the quality standards we seek are offered by the material producers.

Some other materials are imported from Europe, due to the fact that although Mexico produces over 250 million pairs, most of them are lower quality shoes, which are created with materials of providers that have not yet reached the high-quality standard we use on our products.

International Brand

Mexico imports 3 times more shoes than it exports and is the ninth shoe manufacturer in the world, we believe we should export more. For which we have a consulting firm beside us, experts in global brand expansion in the USA market.

Since 2018 we started our international expansion by attending the most prestigious fairs in the United States such as: FSNYE and Sole Commerce in New York, FN Platform in Magic in Las Vegas and the Atlanta Shoe Market in Atlanta.

Our international clients, mainly luxury brand boutiques and independent stores are located in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, California, Tennessee, Alabama in the United States and Canada and South Korea, Australia and Poland.

Technology and Sustainability

For the design and manufacture of our shoes we follow the tradition of the Italian school that dates back many years, however, we complement it using cutting-edge technology both in internal materials, to ensure comfort, as well as in inputs that care for the environment. We base our design and production from the old Italian footwear school standards, however, we complement it by applying high-end technology in materials to assure comfort and also to be kind to the environment.

With this same spirit of our founder, who at the time also sought new technologies, we created our digital platforms. This is a secure and modern way to reach our clients, as well as organizing our internal company structure, online sales, marketing, and communication. 

Brand values

We know and live clear values and principles that we all share in the Regina Romero team. Our team knows and lives by our values.

Our logo, are 2 inverted R’s, that symbolize the encounter of:

Delicate Design & Strength of Experience.

Manual & Digital.

Italian School & Mexican Hands.

Heritage and Tradition & Modern and Practical.

Sophistication & Day to Day.

Luxury and Value & Competitive Price.

Those 2 R's encountered form a diamond, which is our badge that stands for:

  • Passion to do things and do them great.

  • Service, we always want you to have the best experience with us.

  • Quality, not only in the product but also in the experience to acquire it.

  • Social responsibility and sustainability, with our clients as well as our collaborators, and of course, our world.

Commitment, guarantee and personalized service

In 1984 Mrs. Regina Calzada de Romero opened the 1 flagship store and she worked there personally, getting to know her clients and always listening to their pleas and desires. She only stopped working there when personal issues emerged, and she had to move to take care of her husband, Mr. Carlos Romero Huxley.

Today, his son Jorge Romero Calzada, along with his grand-children Romina and Jorge Romero, follow the traditions and learnings from Ms. Regina Romero in being close to the clients, and always putting the Romero name high, and sustaining the brand as she always dreamed of.

"Fashion is nothing without a story, a vision, and a compromise." - Regina Romero 


We are a team of committed and passionate Mexicans, we love our work and being able to serve our clients.

Our Principles

  • We believe in ourselves.
  • We love what we do.
  • We work with passion and professionalism.
  • We all grow and learn together.
  • We honor our word.
  • We work with excellence and elegance, offering luxury and quality.
  • We consent and serve our customers.
  • We are grateful, optimistic and kind.
  • We are aware, respectful and responsible with our environment.
  • We are committed to Mexico.