In 1964, the couple, Carlos Romero Huxley and Regina Calzada de Romero entered the leather business. They made a great team since they complemented each other with their qualities, Carlos with his experience in business and Regina with her experience in selling women’s accessories. Regina, with great passion and taste for fashion, knew what women were looking for at that time. Her vision to create elegant, modern, timeless designs of the highest quality was fulfilled with the creation of the brand: Reginia Romero.  

 “I propose contemporary-timeless designs, manufactured to European quality standards, with the thoroughness and passion of Mexican artisans.” 

In 1973 they started manufacturing women's leather shoes. For 1984, after more than 10 years of experience in the mexican high-end footwear market, Regina Romero opens its historic store in the iconic street of Mexico City, Presidente Masaryk. 


Regina Romero's dream began to consolidate. The 80’s came and El Palacio de Hierro introduced Regina Romero’s brand in its deparment stores, women started to recognize us as a Mexican brand of world quality and design. As the brand continued to grow, their four children, joined the team. 


Even though Regina Romero had a greater demand in production, they always focused on the quality of their products since this aspect was essential to the brand. Almost all of the materials used for production were from national suppliers with the highest quality standards, promoting national footwear and supporting local businesses.  


During the following 15 years Regina Romero could be found in 4 important department stores in Mexico, in addition to the stores in Mexico City, Monterrey, Cuernavaca and Acapulco.

 "Fashion is nothing without a story, a vision and a commitment."

In the year 2000 the second generation of the family takes over the brand. 

Jorge Romero strengthens the company by making some decisive changes to restructure the brands strategy. In 2017, he launches Regina Romero’s online store so that any woman can access Regina Romero's products. With our commitment to the environment we started using water-based glue and only the leather that came as a sub product from the meat industry, still of the highest quality. 


Sabrina Herrera Aspra, a businesswoman and philanthropist, joins the team and adds value to the brand with her successful experience in business. Together, they began the adventure of renewing the historic Regina Romero, with a fusion of Jorge’s expertise in the footwear industry and Sabrina’s solid career as a businesswoman and as a marketing strategist. With this renewal of image, designer Montserrat Vega comes into the picture and takes over with her unique and prominent designs, while keeping the essence of the brand. 


As of this year, Regina Romero has began its international expansion with its international online store and by exporting footwear to boutiques and buyers around the world. We also opened our new physical store in Monte Libano 250, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City to offer our clients an exclusive shopping experience. 




We provide the highest quality and service to our clients through designing, manufacturing, and marketing world-class fashion made in Mexico.



Real Fashion for Real Women