Is Regina Romero a safe place?

It is completely safe to shop on our website:
It is of great importance to us for our clients to feel comfortable and safe when making a purchase. Regina Romero cares about your safety, therefore we joined the “Law on Data Protection”, which you can consult at: We advise you to read our "Privacy Notice" at: In addition, you can review this information in our “Terms and Conditions” page.  


How long will shipping take? 

If you live in Mexico City, the shipping time takes 3 to 4 business days and you will receive your merchandise through our delivery man.

If you live in any other state of the Mexican Republic, the delivery time takes 5 to 6 business days and you will receive your package by the delivery company. 

The estimated shipping time for international shipments, meaning shipments outside Mexican territory, will be determined by UPS service. 


Does the shipping cost?

If you reside within the Mexican Republic, your first purchase shipping is completely free. 

Free shipping applies to orders made within the United States. 

In you reside outside the Mexican Republic, we quote differently depending on the country.

However, if your purchase was made through a digital platform/marketplace/online store, the respective shipping terms from the digital platform/marketplace/online store apply. 


Do you have international shipping?

Yes, we ship internationally! In this case, the customer needs to pay the shipping cost (costs vary depending the location). A shipping quote is made with the address and zip code where you wish to receive your order. 

The customer needs to cover the shipping quote difference.


Do the prices of the products vary if the order is made outside of Mexico?

Yes, the prices of our products outside Mexico are in US dollars, being subject to the different tax rates of each country. This is why, if you place an order from any country other than México, the total cost varies due to the taxes and shipping. 

Remember, the customer must cover the shipping costs if the product is shipped outside mexican or U.S. territory.  

What shoe sizes do you handle?*

Our shoe sizes range from 5 US to 10 US women, including half numbers. The equivalent for the mexican sizes being 22 to 27 MX, including half numbers.  

If you are unsure of your size or if you need to convert the shoe size used in one country to the shoe size used in another country, please check our following shoe size chart (


What is your largest shoe size?

The largest shoe size we manufacture is size 10 US/ 27 MX. 

However, not all of our models are available in size 10 US/ 27MX. We recommend you filter by size the “shoes” section, therefore you can find the available models in the size you selected. 

We are working to expand our sizes so that everyone can enjoy Regina Romero shoes.


When the size of a model is out of stock, is this model discontinued?

This depends on the model, if it’s a seasonal model (SS or FW) there’s a high probability that the model will be discontinued, unless the model has sold out at the beginning of the season. 

On the other hand, the Regina Collection models are regularly re-stocked throughout the year. 


The size I want is out of stock, can I order it?

Regina Collection models are re-stocked on a regular basis, therefore, if the model you are looking for is part of this collection it will be restocked at some point of the year.

Select the product of your choice, click the size you want, then click on Inventory Notification, you will need to enter your email address so we can notify you as soon as the model has been restocked. 

You can also subscribe to our newsletter ( ), this way we will send you a notification as soon as the model you are looking for has been restocked.

Remember,  we provide our clients exclusivity, therefore our models and sizes are limited in production.


Why can't I find my size?

We produce small lots in order to provide exclusivity to our clients. Some models sell out quickly and, even though we manufacture more shoes of the most common sizes, those are usually the ones that run out of stock first. 

Regina Collection models are constantly restocked. 

Seasonal collections can be restocked if they sell out during the first few days. Subscribe to our newsletter   ( ) to find out and get notified the moment these models get restocked.

wide are the shoes?

Our shoes are crafted in custom lasts. Regina Romero's sandals and slippers come close-tight. However, some models are a bit wider, you can check this information in the details section of each product where specific tips are written for each model.


Can sale items go back to its original price? 

No, the models that go on sale are seasonal models, either spring summer (SS) or fall winter (FW). Seasonal models go on sale before the new season comes out and until they are sold out. For this reason, seasonal models cannot regain its original price or be restocked.  


How often do new shoe models come out?

Regina Romero has 3 Collections per year:

The Regina Collection, where you can find our classics and the best sellers, this collection will be restocked throughout the year. Then the Spring-Summer Collection comes out and afterwards the Fall-Winter Collection; limited quantities are produced each year for SS and FW. 

Seasonal models usually come out every 6 months, anyhow, new models can come out for some collaboration or a seasonal model can become a part of the Regina Collection.

Stay tuned for our new releases, restocks and more by subscribing to our newsletter


How comfortable are the shoes?

All of our shoes are produced with the highest quality standards in the international industry in order to produce a unique, durable and comfortable product. Our footwear is manufactured with the highest quality leather, designed for total comfort, fitting the foot like a glove with its exclusive comfort insoles of "memory foam". You can see reviews of satisfied customers on our Facebook page. .


What heel heights do you offer?

We offer several heel heights, from floor shoes, low heels (4 cm/1.5 in up) to high heels (13.5 cm/5.3 in). We also cover intermediate heights:  6 cm/2.3 in, 8 cm/3.1 in, 9 cm/3.5 in, 10 cm/3.9 in, 10.5 cm/4.1 in, 11 cm/4.3 in and 12.5 cm/4.9 in.  

You can check each models characteristics on our online boutique. 

We are certain you will find the ideal height for you!


Is the lining of the shoes made of leather?

Our products are 100% of leather. The cut and lining are always made of leather unless they have some application of textile. The sole is usually made of leather, although in some models the design specifies synthetic sole, in order to add more comfort to the shoes. 


Are animals raised for the use of the leather shoes?

No, Regina Romero is proud to be an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company. All the leather used to manufacture our footwear is a sub-product of the meat industry, therefore, as long as we humans continue to consume meat the leather will always exist as a sub-product, otherwise, they would become waste.


Where are Regina Romero’s shoes made?

All our products are made in Mexico, by handcrafted workmanship. Our factories and tanneries are located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, since they count with the highest international standards of the shoe industry; in Mexico.


What is Regina Romero’s exchange policy? 

Items are non-exchangeable 

However, you can return the item and then buy the one of your liking. The product must be unused, in its original condition. Please remember to save the entire package in order to proceed with the refund. You can check the policies on our page of Returns & Exchanges.


Can I change or return SALE items?

No, if the item that was purchased was on sale (End of Season, Hot sale, Summer sale, Cyber Monday, Last chance, etc.) there are no changes or returns. 

This policy does not apply on items that have been purchased with discount codes such as 10 DESC, which is 10% discount made on your first purchase, as long as the item had an original price.


What should I do if my product arrives faulty or damaged?

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the best shoes in Mexico, however, mistakes happen, that is why if at any time you receive your product in bad conditions or if it does not meet our quality standards, you need contact us as soon as possible to request a change, a repair or in any case, a refund. 

Within the factory defects, we refer to seams in bad condition or ripped shoes, hardware breakage, buckle breakage, closure breakage and or heel breakage.


What can I do if my shoes are a little bit tight? 

Our shoes are made of 100% leather. Leather easily adapts to your foot like a glove, making your footwear more comfortable. Therefore, if your shoes feel a little bit tight, chances are the leather will stretch a little and in a few days they will be ready for you to use them without discomfort.

If you feel that you need half size smaller, we recommend you to contact your local shoemaker so he/shoe can help you with the fitting. In Regina Romero, half sizes do not modify the length of the shoe, only the width is modified, this being the reason we consider your local shoemaker an excellent option.

What can I do if my shoes get a little loose? 

If you feel that your shoes are slightly loose or slightly larger than your foot, a simple insole is the best solution in most cases and you can find it in most pharmacies and/or supermarkets.

If you prefer, we can put the insole template to your shoes. Please note that this process, being a repair, would take between 30 to 90 days.


Do you make repairs?

We pride ourselves on being the best shoe company in Mexico, however, mistakes happen. This is why, if at any time you receive a damaged product, that does not meet our quality standards or suffers from any manufacturing defect, contact us as soon as possible to make a repair. You need to contact us within the first 30 days of receiving the shoes in order to proceed with the repair. Remember, repairs are only made in case there is a manufacturing defect and the estimated delivery time is 30 to 90 days. 

The shipping cost is only covered if manufacturing defect is validated by our experts. 

We always recommend you go to your trusted shoemaker for common repairs such as a broken stitch, changing covers, etc.

Among the factory defects we refer specifically to: Seams: ripped shoes in its contour, Hardware breakage, Buckle breakage, Closure breakage, Heel breakage.

Remember, our shoes are made of leather; leather soles can be severely detached if they get wet, in this case, what you need to do is turn to your local shoemaker to fix them.

Some shoes have ornaments or accessories, you must be very careful for them to not get stuck or hooked since, as in any garment, they can be detached. If this happens, it is usually fixed by pasting it at home or visiting your local shoemaker to fix it.


How long do a pair of Regina Romero’s shoes last? 

Well-groomed shoes can last for up to 20 years or more. Normally, with medium use and good care they last from 2 to 5 years.

The time the shoes last depends on the care and uses, if shoes get wet there is a possibility the sole can tear up due to the fact that we use water-based glue, in this case, your local shoemaker can repair them with no problem. 


How do returns work?

In Regina Romero our intention and objective is to have happy and satisfied customers, we will always do our best to make you very happy, being the reason for us to give you personalized attention.

Please read the Exchanges and Returns Section For all the details.

The product must be new and comply with the Exchange and Returns Policy.

For manufacturing defects consult the Exchanges and Returns Policy.


Does Regina Romero have promotions?

You will always find our initial discount of 10% that you can use on your first purchase. The sales, on the other hand, depend on the time of year. If you want to be informed of our current discounts and promotions, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter, this way you will never miss out on our exclusive offers.


How do I use my discount code in my first purchase?

The first purchase made in Regina Romero will have a 10% discount, only if the code 10 DESC is applied at the checkout. To make use of it, select the item (s) you wish to buy and add them to your cart, when you are ready to finish your purchase go to your cart. On the right side of the screen you will find “Enter your promotional code”  click the sign and a box will appear where you must write 10 DESC for the discount to apply. At the end of your purchase please verify that your order is correct. 


What are the payment options? 

You can use the payment method of your choice.  You can pay via PayPal, Stripe, with your credit or debit card. 


Do you have months without interest?

No, we have the promotion of 3 and 6 months without interest and this offer is only valid on Mexico.


Does Regina Romero sell wholesale to retailers?

Yes, we handle wholesale sales. If you are interested in distributing and / or selling our products, please contact us via email: with your name, phone, email, address and name of your store (if you have one), and Ing. Jorge Romero will contact you to provide all the information you need.  


Where are Regina Romero’s headquarters located?

Our headquarters are located at Calle de Álica # 120, Colonia Molino del Rey, Miguel Hidalgo Delegation, 11040 CDMX, Mexico. You can make one appointment at + 52 55 7261 9103.


Where can I find Regina Romero’s physical store?

Regina Romero counts with a physical store located in Monte Líbano # 250, Lomas de Chapultepec, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, ZIP code 11000, CDMX.

Otherwise, if you live in Mexico City, you can make an appointment to visit us at our headquarters, located in Alica # 120, Molino del Rey, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, ZIP code 11040, CDMX.  


Do you have any kind of catalog?

We only count with our digital catalog: